FAQ | Walk While You Can


Who can take part in Walk While You Can?

Walk While You Can is open to all ages and abilities. However, please check with your doctor prior to the walk if you have any medical conditions that would endanger you or others taking part.

Do I have to donate/fundraise?

No. A big part of WWYC is awareness raising around Motor Neurone Disease, your participation in the walk shows that you care. However, every donation, big or small, will help the IMNDA and RMN in their fight against Motor Neurone Disease. You can donate in advance via iDonate or on the day in our bucket collection.

How far is the walk?

The distance of the walk is different each day. Please check wwyc.ie for further information on the section of the walk you are taking part in.

What is the start time?

You will need to be at the start point at 9:30am to receive relevant information for the day in which you are walking. The start time each day is 10am sharp i.e. we will begin walking at 10am.

Where does the walk start and end?

The start/end points for the walk changes every day. Please check wwyc.ie for further information on the section of the walk you are taking part in.

Do I have to walk it all?

You can walk as much or as little of the walk as you like. However please ensure that you have someone to collect you if you are only walking part of the walk.

What happens if the weather is bad?

It’s Ireland, we are bound to have bad weather! Please ensure that you have suitable clothing (please see WWYC Walkers Guide).

Can I run or cycle the route?

No. Walk While You Can is not a race and has only been designed for walking, so we ask all participants to walk the route.

What do I do with my car while I’m walking?

Each person is responsible for how they get to and from the walk. If parking a car, please check locally for a suitable parking spot and adhere to any parking signage.

Since registering online I have changed my mind where I wish to start from – is this possible?

You do not need to inform us if you change your mind about what section of the walk you are doing. We are happy to have you join us at any stage!

Do I need to bring my own food/water?

Yes. Walkers should bring their own packed lunch and drink to consume on the walk. Please ensure you have adequate water – we recommend at least 2.5 litres.

Is accommodation provided?

No. Accommodation is not provided for walkers. Please check locally or online for the most suitable accommodation and book yourself in if necessary.

Will there be toilets available during the walk?

Walkers should use toilet facilities before departing on the walk.

What if I get injured or can’t continue?

There will be a “sweep up” vehicle in operation to collect those who may feel unable to continue and return them to the start/end point.

A first aid kit and AED is in both escort cars to deal with any minor accidents and incidents.

Can I leave my bag/luggage somewhere?

You will be able to leave a small bag in the support car, but will need to carry anything you need immediate access to (please see WWYC Walkers Guide).